Nov 26 2012

A Caribbean Soul: Lesser Antilles (Windward Islands)

Although the furthest Caribbean islands from Jimmy’s homes in Florida, three of the Windward Islands have managed to make it into his lyrics.

From south to north… Continue reading

May 21 2007

A Caribbean Soul: Greater Antilles (Puerto Rico)

Ah, the Caribbean. So many mysteries. Like which syllable gets the accent, the RIB or the BE? And which islands have the gentlest breezes? The bluest waters? The friendliest natives? Should I cruise via Royal Caribbean or take more of a DIY approach?

Jimmy knows. He became fascinated by the history of the Caribbean while a history major at the University of Southern Mississippi. He’s traveled the Caribbean for years, by boat and seaplane. The various islands are the subjects of numerous songs, and receive tangential mention on even more. To sum it up, In “Migration” (on the album “A1A”) he claims, “Got a Caribbean soul I can barely control.” So what’s his take on it all? And what’s in it for you? Continue reading